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Natura Spa

Pure wellness

Please note that Natura Spa is temporarily closed.

Natura Spa offers some of Reykjavik's most exclusive beauty and massage treatments in an atmosphere designed to soothe both mind and body as we believe that the mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. Step into a world of well-being where time is left behind, and a new journey begins. Enjoy the luxury of the Icelandic brand Sóley Organics and renowned [ comfort zone ] featuring unique treatments, designed to be “tailor-made” and focused towards maximum comfort, pure wellness and outstanding results.

Opening hours
Natura Spa is open:
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 20:00*
Saturdays 10:00 - 18:30*
Sundays 11:30 - 17:00*
*Latest entry to the pool area is 30 minutes before closing.

We kindly request groups of more than 4 people to contact reception for appointments. For further information please call (+354) 444 4085 or email us at naturaspa(at)  


natura spa floating


natura spa lounge

Warm pool, steam bath, sauna and hot tub

We welcome our hotel guests to enjoy the facilities for a minimum fee.   Come and relax by the cozy fireplace in the warm pool area or, on sunny days, have a seat on the nearby patio. Please take the elevator to the ground floor where you will find Natura Spa. Our hostess will welcome you and guide you through the facilities.

  • You can rent a swimsuit at the spa for ISK 500.
  • Hotel guests can contact Natura Spa on an internal phone number.
  • Expenses for your experience at Natura Spa can be added to your hotel bill and settled on your departure.
  • Entrance fee: The regular entrance fee for one-time access to the spa is ISK 5.400, but for hotel guests, the price is ISK 3.500
    Please note:  One has to be 16 years or older to access to Natura Spa
  • Click here to see a list of all  our treatments

Carefully selected treatments and products

The treatments available at Natura Spa are created with a holistic approach to wellness and maximum comfort and luxury in mind. Choose from a broad range of massage treatments, Bowen technique, and other beauty treatments such as luxury facials, manicures, pedicures and cleansing masks. We use products from [ comfort zone ] and Sóley Organics.

The Sóley Organics treatment collection combines an ingenious blend of wild Icelandic herbs, aromatic essentials oils, and a holistic approach to treating the individual needs of your body and skin.

[ comfort zone ] are Italian high-quality skincare line that promotes a holistic, soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The line has advanced science-based conscious solutions that improve skin, body and mind visibly. The aim is always to provide a unique experience stimulating all the senses. The result is better skin, mental well-being and relaxation.



natura spa overview

Beauty treatments and massage therapies

Body Treatments

Rejuvenating: Body scrub and a massage, 80 min 18.900 ISK

Facial Treatments

Sóley Deluxe: Cleansing, facial-and head massage, exfoliating-mask-moisturizing, 80 min 16.900 ISK
Glowing: Cleansing, facial-and head massage, exfoliating-mask-moisturizing, 60 min 13.900 ISK
Fresh: Exfoliating-mask-moisturizing, 40 min 9.900 ISK
Facial cleaning: 60 min 10.900 ISK

Massage Therapies

Traditional health massage   50 min 13.900 ISK    80 min 17.900 ISK 
Traditional health massage consists of few styles of long, flowing strokes to soften muscles and get the recipient into a state of deep relaxation. Traditional massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness.

Relaxing massage  50 min  13.900 ISK    80 min  17.900 ISK

Aromatherapy massage  50 min  15.900 ISK   80 min  18.900 ISK

Partial massage  25 min 9.900 ISK 
The main focus of this massage is any problem areas of each individual. For instance the focus can be on the neck, back or feet.  

Reflexology  50  min 13.900 ISK
Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet that relate to every organ, gland, and system of the body.
Lymphatic massage  80 min 17.900 ISK 
The lymphatic system is a network of slow moving vessels in the body that is responsible for the removal of toxic microbes and cellular waste from the body. This massage is believed to help in detoxification of the body by using a massage technique that gently works and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Deep massage - 50 min 13.900 ISK
Deep massage - 80 min 18.900 iSK

Pregnancy massage   50 min 13.900 ISK  
This massage is adjusted to suit the needs of each woman. The main intention is to relief tension and pain in the body. A special pregnancy massage table is used to make pregnant women capable of lying on their stomach. 

Stone massage  50 min 14.900 ISK   80 min 18.900 ISK  
Cold and water-heated stones are used to apply pressure and heat to the body. The stones help to retain heat which then deeply penetrates into the muscles of the recipient, releasing tension.

Shiatsu massage 50 min - 13.900 ISK