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Who we are

Company Profile

Icelandair Hotels Group cater to both tourists and business travelers and provide accommodations suitable for every budget, a cohesive mix of traditional hotel hospitality and innovative services.

Better society with Icelandair Hotels

Icelandair Hotels strive to be responsible for its impact on society and the environment. We aim to make social responsibility a part of our day to day business activities by taking various steps towards a better society.

Human Resources

An outstanding group of employees which share the same goal of respecting guests and colleagues works at Icelandair Hotels.


Icelandair Hotels recognize their environmental responsibility and all entities in the Icelandair Hotel chain operate according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

We support ICE-SAR

Supporting ICE-SAR (The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue) is a part of our social responsibility policy. Having a strong search and rescue team is of the highest importance, both for Icelanders and foreign visitors.

Culture & Arts

Icelandair Hotels work closely and support contemporary artists, musicians, designers and writers. This cooperation  not only nourishes the hotels' ambience for our guests and employees, but also plays a part in creating cultural conversations.