Icelandair Hotels is a leading chain of quality hotels in Iceland. Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of historical sites, take part in outdoor activities or experience the cultural life of the south, north, east and west of Iceland, we always offer first-class facilities and excellent service. We also operate Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, the seasonal hotel chain Hotel Edda and Canopy Reykjavik|City Centre.

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Welcome to Icelandair Hotels, Iceland's premier hotel chain, and the trusted source for comfortable, affordable accommodations for visitors and locals alike since 1966. Choose from 8 hotels throughout Iceland, including two hotel locations in Reykjavik - each with its authentic-Icelandic character, drawing inspiration from the unique local settings of this beautiful island-nation.

We at Icelandair Hotels are keen to help make your dream holiday come true. Our eight hotels are the ideal gateway to the unique experience that is Iceland, whether in the buzzing city of Reykjavik or the magnificent countryside. Each of our eight hotels is perfectly situated, and all have something unique to offer. We strive to ensure that your accommodation in Iceland is of the highest quality and place great emphasis on superior service, comfortable surroundings, fresh, locally sourced food, and attention to detail that will make your visit unforgettable.
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About Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

Icelandair hotel Reykjavik Natura

Let's paint the town green

- An abundance of unforgettable experiences

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura is located in the beautiful surroundings of Öskjuhlíð hill and Nauthólsvík beach. The hotel is certified as a Green Hotel and operates accordingly. With birds singing just for you, and fresh ocean air all around, it’s nice to know that you’re still only a short walk from Reykjavik center. After a refreshing morning walk or a full day on the town, our in-hotel spa awaits you to relax and unwind. For dinner, our restaurant, Satt, offers fresh, local produce and flavors that are as good for your soul as they are for your body.
Come see us.  We look forward to putting that extra magic into your experience!

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura - Winter Calendar

Happenings at Reykjavik Natura

At Reykjavik Natura we like to keep ourselves busy at all times. That's why we've set up a calendar of activities –  it´s fun and we are sure that it will be perfect addition to your days with us.

On Mondays we have Bedtime stories, Tuesdays are Natura Spa days, Wednesdays are  Taste of Iceland days, on Thursdays we listen to Bedtime Stories, on Fridays we have extra Happy Hour, Saturdays are sea swimming in nearby warm beach Nautholsvik days and Sundays are brunch days.

Every day we offer our guests who are staying in the Deluxe Rooms and Suites to join us for a special Social Hour from 17-18 in a private area by Satt Restaurant. There we will offer complimentary beer, wine and soda along with some light snacks.
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Get to know Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

Icelandair hotel Reykjavik Natura


At Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, art is given special priority around the hotel's public space. We love to share Icelandic art with our guests and invite them to enjoy inspiring works by local, prestigious artists, such as the painters Kristin Gunnlaugsdottir and Kristjan Davidsson; the sculptor Adalheidur S. Eysteinsdottir; and the visual artist Ruri. Pieces by the aforementioned artists and many more are on display around the hotel for all of our guests to enjoy and admire.

The hotel provides unique Art Rooms, each of which is solely dedicated to a modern-day Icelandic artists. The artwork in each room provides a unique experience for the guest with its individual style and beautiful design, making it a real asset to the hotel.

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Icelandair hotel Reykjavik Natura


Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura is located in the middle of some of the capital's most popular natural attractions such as Skerjafjordur – a small, beautiful neighborhood with a coastal walking path and breathtaking views; Oskjuhlid - a designated outdoor area covered with trees and walking and cycling paths; and Nautholsvik – a sandy beach with an artificial hot spring.

Due to its beautiful surroundings, the hotel has always strived to stay in touch with nature and does this by utilizing natural resources in the interior design, such as the stone features located around the hotel's public spaces. These stone features have become one of the main characteristics of Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura.

Moreover, when the hotel was renovated in 2011, even greater emphasis was placed on nature and the importance of preserving it with environment-friendly processes. Since then, the hotel has earned Green Hotel status with ISO 14001 certification.

Brynhildur Guðmundsdóttir hotel manager

Brynhildur Gudmundsdottir – The Hotel Manager

Mrs. Brynhildur Gudmundsdottir has been the Hotel Manager at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura since October, 2013.  Brynhildur, or Binna as we call her, despite her young age, has worked for the Hotel Group for many years and has gained extensive experience in different departments and hotels. Binna knows her way around Reykjavik Natura where she worked as a receptionist at Hotel Loftleidir (Reykjavik Natura's previous name) and Hotel Esja, Icelandair Hotels Reservation Centre and later as a Conference Manager at Hotel Loftleidir until the Nordica Hotel opened in 2003.  As a Conference Manager, she led the development of the new and impressive Conference Department at Nordica Hotel for 8 years. For two years she worked as the Reception Manager at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica. Today she has returned to her roots at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura as the Hotel Manager. Binna is married to Orlygur Audunsson and they have a son, Gudmundur Thor.

Icelandair hotel Reykjavik Natura

Activities at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

In addition to the abundance of outdoor activities in the surrounding area, Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura places special emphasis on making sure that its guests have plenty to do within the hotel complex. A variety of entertainment is available such as regular film screenings in English and Icelandic, as well as the weekly reading sessions of Icelandic Bedtime Stories, where guests are encouraged to wear their pajamas and snuggle up under a blanket.

There is an onsite spa called Natura Spa with an array of massages and beauty treatments, a warm relaxation pool, sauna, hot tub and fitness center. There is also an in-house restaurant and bar called Satt.

The hotel also accommodates a bird collection, a chess exhibition, and exhibits a variety of art such as paintings, sculptures, and video works in the hotel's public space.

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Icelandair hotel Reykjavik Natura

At Reykjavik Natura

- Check-in is at 15:00 or later, the day of arrival. Check-out is before 12:00 noon on the day of departure.
- Happy Hour at the in-house restaurant Satt every day 16:00 - 18:00. Extra Happy Hour on Fridays, 14:00 - 18:00.
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura is certified with the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management.
- We offer cinema viewing, six days a week.
- Leading up to Christmas, all guests receive a gift from the Yuletide lads.


Icelandair hotel Reykjavik Natura

At Reykjavik Natura

- Guests have access to a free shuttle to visit Perlan and Harpa Concert hall. The rides start at 10:00 and leave every 30 minutes until 15:30. The route is Reykjavik Natura-Perlan-Harpa-Reykjavik Natura.

- You have six different room types to choose from.
- It's great to unwind and relax in a comfy armchair in our cosy library.





Icelandair hotel Reykjavik Natura

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura´s history

In 1964 the people of Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines decided to build a hotel in Reykjavik. At this time competition was fierce and a fare war raging. In 1963, Loftleidir Icelandic started to offer its passengers the possibility of making a stop-over in Reykjavik on their way between the US and the continent. This became very popular, and it soon became evident that more hotel rooms were needed for these visitors. Work on this hotel project started at the end of November in 1964, and a new hotel was opened on May 1st 1966. To celebrate, a big inauguration party was held with 1500 guests.

The hotel is still one of the biggest hotels in Iceland, with 220 rooms, and went through a substantial renovation in 2011 when the Icelandair Hotels chain went through re-branding.

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