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Icelanders are serious about their sweets. Really serious. They are a culture of chocolate lovers and anyone who argues that there country’s chocolate is better will be deemed insane by the Icelandic people. They even honor candy by calling Saturday, Nammidagur, or Candy Day, and all candy is half off on this special occasion. So if you are planning on taking a trip to our beloved island, we figured we should fill you in on some of our favorite sweets. Consider this a beginner’s guide to Icelandic candy.

Opal - We felt it necessary to begin the list with this infamous candy. Icelanders go nuts for these sour liquorice pastilles. These small gummy treats are hard at first but soften over time and become chewable. But many tourists avoid them for their unusual flavor. What can we say, Icelanders love their liquorice.

Egils Appelsín - We realize that this one isn’t chocolate. In fact, it isn’t a candy at all; it’s the beloved orange soft drink of Iceland. One of only two Icelandic brand sodas sold, this drink is had with every meal and every food. Many will tell you that what makes it so good is that it contains the best water in the world and whether you believe this to be true or not, you cannot leave Iceland without having tried this delightful fizzy drink.

Apollo Lakkrís - You will find black liquorice everywhere in Iceland. Apollo liquorice comes in either a boxed assortment of plain black liquorice pieces and pieces mixed with marzipan or in small strings, also either plain or filled with marzipan. These irresistable candies are colorful, fun, and best of all, delicious.

Rís - Either in bar form or bite-size pieces, this beloved candy is Icelandic milk chocolate with crispy corn puffs. The crunchy puffs mix perfectly with the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and are popular with tourists.

Draumur - This candy’s name translates to “dream,” which will make sense when you taste this unbelievably tasty treat. This candy bar is Icelandic milk chocolate with two liquorice strings inside. The sweet and sour combo has been used for ages and you will find it just as irresistible with this dream-like candy.

Nóa Kropp - This simple candy is anything but boring. Once you have a taste of these small corn puffs covered in Icelandic chocolate, you won’t be able to put the bag down. But don’t feel bad, we have all finished the entire bag of Nóa Kropp once or twice. Or every single time we buy it...

Hraun - Hraun means “lava” and you’ll immediately understand once you take a look at these awesome chocolate pieces. These milk chocolate wafers are covered in crispy corn puffs and then covered in even more chocolate. The result looks the bumpy, rocky surface of the lava rocks you see all over Iceland’s countryside. Inspired by our own beautiful landscape, these chocolate treats are delicious and close to our hearts.

Kókosbollur - These “coconut buns” are one of the most popular sweets in Iceland and have earned it. This treat covers soft white cream in milk chocolate and coconut to create a delicious and memorable candy. We bet that once you have one bite, you’ll be running back for more. Or at least ordering them by the dozen, online, once you return home.

Nóa Síríus - These are the famous Icelandic chocolate bars you hear all about. Creamy Icelandic milk chocolate in bars that come in different flavors; plain, orange, with raisins, with nuts and raisins, with hazelnut, and with rice crispies. Icelanders credit the delicious chocolate to the amazing milk produced from their beloved cows. So don't thank them, thank the cows. And make sure you bring plenty home with you, we know that you’ll miss it.

From adding a chocolate bar to breakfast, consuming an Easter chocolate egg as large as your head, or finding the obligatory candy bowl at every house you visit, it is safe to say that the Icelandic people have a serious sweet tooth, or rather, sweet teeth. So please, while visiting us, enjoy our selection of delicious candies and chocolates. But don’t forget to brush your teeth. We wouldn’t want you to return home with a few cavities.

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