Meet the four first drinks from Slippbarinn‘s new menu!

Magazine Meet the four first drinks from Slippbarinn‘s new menu!

The launch of Slippbarinn's new Steam Punk cocktail menu draws ever closer. Here we present four of the eight new drinks that will be available soon, so you know what to order when you step into this Reykjavík Marina based cocktail heaven.

Tin Man

Tin Man




Cocchi Rosa

White Wine


The lemon juice in the Tin Man is run through a centrifuge, which eliminates the pulp of the juice. This is done so that the drink would be more fizzy. The pulp usually kills the bubbles so this procedure gives your drinking experience a fresher touch.








Octopus Ink



The brand new Octopussilicious is one of the curiosities in the new Steam Punk cocktail selection. With ingredients for an acquired taste like beetroot, liquorice, absinthe and octopus ink (!), and a dramatic deep red colour to it, it will be one of the most memorable drinks you´ve ever had.

Can of Spiced Punch

Can of Spiced Punch

Aged Rum

Cherry Heering


Blanco Rum


Luxardo Maraschino

Apricot Brandy

Angostura Bitters

The Can of Spiced Punch is a cocktail remake from Slippbarinn‘s old Jar of Spiced Punch. Why throw away something that works, right? Now with new twists, this drink that serves five shots of alcohol in a frosty, cooled can is a quick and efficient way to start your evening. Beware!

We Don't Do Mojitos


We Don´t Do Mojitos

Diplomatico Blanco Rum


Green Chartreuse


The title of this drink was derived from the fact that Slippbarinn actually doesn´t serve mojitos (or Sex On The Beaches for that matter). This was a standard set by the former bar manager Ásgeir so this drink is in a way a tribute to him. The drink is green, fresh and minty – with mint first frozen by liquid nitrogen and then crushed into tiny flakes – so it resembles something that could taste like a mojito. But doesn´t.

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