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Five great reasons to stop by in Iceland in February


Even during the darkest months of the year, there is no reason to be afraid of the dark in Iceland! February on the island is full of lights and colors to enjoy, in one of the most romantic natural settings in the world. There might be only 7-8 hours of daylight during February and temperatures averaging 0-1°C, or 32-32°F, but these create an excellent setting to enjoy all the fun and adventure we have to offer. Here are our top picks for the winter season travelers in February!


1. Ice Caves, Hot Baths & Northern Lights

Make the most out of mid-winter by going on a tour that is at its peak during the darker months! You can feed your adventurous side by taking a snowmobiling tour on a glacier, or go deep down under the ice on an ice cave walk. You also have a better chance of catching the northern lights in the dark and tranquil countryside, possibly while enjoying a steaming geothermal bath at the Laugarvatn Fontana Spa.


2. Winter Lights Festival 1.-4. February

The Winter Lights Festival hits home by celebrating both the fantastic winters of Iceland and the increasing daylight after the darkest months. This annual event organizes entertainment-packed happenings free of charge  - except for the Northern Lights Run - and is collaborating with local museums, pools and a ski resort. This year will be the 17th Winter Lights Festival, and it will open on Thursday, February 1st by illuminating the capital area’s buildings and sights with beautiful lighting.



3. Rainbow Reykjavík 8.-11. February

Who said Pride Festivals should be held only once a year? While the Reykjavík Pride held every August, the LGBT Winter Pride Festival welcomes the local and international gay community to celebrate Pride in a wintery setting too! This fun, annual four-day fest consists of a program of nature activities, culture, food, and music. This year the festival’s highlights include Pink City Walks, Queer Bingo, a Masquerade Party and great food, entertainment and loads of fun. The tickets and full programming to be found here:


4. Bolludagur

This year all visitors coming to Iceland in February are lucky: the Icelandic “Bun Day” – a day when Icelandic people consume cream puff buns in preparation for Lent – falls on Sunday, February 11th. Visit a local bakery or two to try out these Icelandic delicacies, designed to keep hunger away during Lent. Also, the day before Lent is called Sprengidagur - “Bursting Day”  – when Icelanders enjoy a special meal and on Ash Wednesday, children do the local version of “Trick-or-Treating,” going around asking for treats.


5. Game of Thrones

Last chance to MAYBE catch a glimpse of the GoT cast and crew in Iceland! The eighth and final season will be shot on the island from February onwards reports the Icelandic news agency Vísir. Depending on the snow conditions – naturally – the filming is expected to last up until summer. The specific real-life locations are not decided, but on screen, Iceland has served as the setting for the icy landscapes of the series.

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