What to wear in Iceland in the winter?

Magazine What to wear in Iceland in the winter?

In Iceland you can have five different weathers all during one day: sunny, overcast, rainy, stormy – topped with some snow or sleet. So what on earth to pack when coming to visit – especially in the winter season?

We asked some locals to give their tips on how to survive the unpredictable winter months. What are their personal wardrobe lifesavers?


Kristjana Arnarsdóttir: A scarf is definitely my lifesaver. It’s also great indoors, because you can use it as a blanket if the heating is off or it’s drafty and you get cold. Also good shoes are definitely a must.

Ástgeir & Gunnar

Ástgeir  Ólafsson: You have to have a jacket with a hood on it. Mine even has a fur around the hood to keep my face warm. Gunnar Steinarsson: I’m from the north of Iceland, Akureyri, so the definition of winter is different for me than people from Reykjavík! But I would definitely say you need good, thick gloves, lúffur.


Karen Pétursdóttir: My lifesaver in the winter is a thick úlpa, a jacket. The Icelandic clothing brands are really good so they can make up for a good souvenir. And a hat, you have to have a hat during the winter.


Tinna Johannsdóttir: Because the weather will in any case be windy and rainy at some point, anything you wear should be both warm and waterproof. You’ll be pretty safe with that combination.


And here are some additional tips on what to prepare for weatherwise in Iceland: 

-       The winds are so intense, it can actually rain up your long jacket

-       Icelanders have a habit of keeping their windows open even in the winter – but the heating on full at the same time

-       In severe weather roads can be blocked due to snow and storm conditions

-       Waterproof makeup and a hat or taking the car is basically the only way of getting from point A to B looking the same way as when you left your house

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