Useful Tool For Driving Distances in Iceland

Magazine Useful Tool For Driving Distances in Iceland

You’ve made the decision to rent a car and go explore Iceland. Kudos to you!  It’s more than worth it.  Here’s a useful website that offers the driving distance and time between places as well as some other useful driving information.

Your vacation time is precious, and so you can make the most of your Iceland road exploration, here’s a link to a very useful website that will tell you the driving distances and times between places. It is offered in Icelandic and English.  

The website will also tell you whether the route is asphalt or gravel - not all roads in Iceland have asphalt, and the expected fuel costs for the trip, for gasoline and diesel.

Here’s a link to the website, which is called Vegvísir. This translates as ‘sign post.’

The trick is that you need to know the names of places you are driving to. For that we suggest using a good map for the proper spelling of the place name or attraction. That said, the tool has an auto-spelling feature, so all you need to know is the first few letters.

The other tricky part is that Icelandic uses some different characters in their alphabet as well as accents and an umlaut ( ö ).  For example, Reykjavík, in Icelandic has the accent over the i. The accent gives this i an ‘ee’ sound.  Or, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, a small village in south Iceland, use the æ vowel, which sounds like ‘eye’.  We tell you this so you don’t get thrown off when using this website.

Here are some other useful links about driving in Iceland:

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