The Icelandic Swimming Pool Culture

Magazine The Icelandic Swimming Pool Culture

Planning to experience the pools of Iceland? Nervous about how to go about the facilities? Never fear, our guide to proper swimming pool conduct is here! Going to the swimming pool is practically the official national pass-time in Iceland so it is definitely something you should enjoy on your visit, too. 


Dressing room etiquette

Icelanders are probably more comfortable with nudity in the dressing rooms and saunas than average. This is why most of the lockers and showers usually aren´t separated by doors or curtains. Some pools have a few booths both for dressing and showering, though, so if it feels too much to get naked in front of strangers, pick one of those.


Shower room etiquette

Always take a shower (without your swimsuit!) before going to the pools. This is just good manners. There is free soap provided in the showers so you can wash yourself thoroughly before entering the pool. When you come back from your swim, there are small drying machines for your swimsuits so you don´t have to carry your wet suit around. Put your suit in the bin, press the lid down and hold it so for 5-10 seconds. Done.


Pool etiquette, 

Depending on which pool you go to - or a natural thermal bath - there are different types of dips you can take, either swimming laps in a 25 or 50 meter pool, small round tubs with temperatures up to 42°C and cold tubs with water only a few degrees "warm". If you go into the hotter ones, remember to drink water! Drinking water is provided at the pools in constantly flowing fountains.


So these are a few tips to make your pool visit smoother. Whichever pool you plan to dip yourself into, the most important thing to remember is easy: relax!

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