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June is truly a great time to visit Iceland! The days are very long in fact, June has the longest day of the year so you get to experience Iceland’s midnight sun (http://www.icelandairhotels.com/en/blog/icelands-midnight-sun). And, with all that sunshine, the landscape is green and verdant. If that weren’t enough, there are lots of fun happenings in Reykjavik and elsewhere including: Iceland’s National Independence Day (link: http://www.icelandairhotels.com/en/blog/icelands-national-day-june-17 )(on June 17), The Arctic Open Golf Championship, Festival of the Sea and numerous music festivals around the city.  Now that we got you interested, here’s what you can expect from the weather and length of days.

In June, you can expect lots and lots of daylight. As a contrast to the limited daylight during the winter months, the summer months at high latitudes are characterized by long days. Sunrise on June 1st in Iceland is at 3:26 AM and sunset is at 11:26 PM; that’s 20 hours of daylight folks!  By the end of June the length of day increases to almost 21 hours. On June 21 is the 2014 Summer Solstice and after that day the days start slowly getting shorter again.

Summer in IcelandThe month of June is characterized by gradually rising daily high temperatures – some would even say warm days!  As for the actual temperatures, you can expect the average low to be approximately 5.5 degrees Celsius (42 F) and the average high temperatures to be 12.8 degrees Celsius (55 F).  Mind you, these are averages. You could get lucky and have warmer days. But, in general life at this latitude means dealing with cool temperatures, even in June. Actually, Iceland should be colder. Its temperatures are mitigated by the Gulf Stream, which brings relatively warm water up from lower latitudes.


The average rainfall in Reykjavik is approximately 45 mm (1.8 inches) in June, generally the lowest of the year. This precipitation will generally come as light rain with almost no chance of snow, unless you are high up in the mountains.

Despite the fact that it is summer in Iceland, we still recommend bringing layers and some good waterproof shoes so you can enjoy whatever weather Iceland throws at you. And, if you are looking for a hotel, we humbly suggest staying at one of our 9 Icelandair Hotels, located in all the prime locations including two in Reykjavik. Cheers!

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