Icelandair Hotels awarded Environmental Company of the Year

Magazine Icelandair Hotels awarded Environmental Company of the Year

The environmental award of SA-Business Iceland was awarded to Icelandair Hotels on the 12th of October 2017. Magnea Þórey Hjálmarsdóttir, the General Manager, accepted the award Environmental Company of the Year at Hilton Reykjavík Nordica.

"A focus on the environment is a part of Icelandair Hotels’ daily activities. It is in the interest of the hotels to take care of the environment and that others do it too. As a result, Icelandair Hotels have always focused on sharing their experience to increase the probability that other companies will adopt comparable procedures to protect our resource. 80% of all tourists coming to Iceland are here for our beautiful nature. The tourism industry is one the largest business sectors today which makes focus on environmental issues even more important in order to promote Iceland's future sustainability." Magnea Þórey Hjálmarsdóttir.

The jury's reasoning includes; "The Environmental Company of the Year is very extensive when it comes to environmental issues. It has implemented environmental management systems and set ambitious environmental objectives, along with making sustainability a goal within the business operations. It has made significant progress in increasing resource utilization and reducing waste. For example, the company's largest establishment has saved electricity and cold water on an annual basis equivalent to the average annual use of more than 100 households and hot water equivalent to the average annual consumption of 260 households. The amount of waste has also been reduced by 6 tonnes per year, despite the fact that the company has been expanding.

It was duly noted how well the company has managed to integrate environmental policies into all its activities. All employees of the company receive training and education on the environmental policy and environmental management system of the company through recruitment training and on special courses. The company has also received recognition for their contribution in educating their employees.

Furthermore, Icelandair Hotels are exceptional in informing and empowering their customers to participate in enforcing the company's environmental policy, by sharing the way in which the company is committed to sustainability with its customers and informing them of how they can participate. Whether it is energy savings, recycling, procurement or environmentally friendly transport the impact on business operations is even more extensive and inspiring for others"

Ragna Sara Jónsdóttir, Chairman of the Jury presented the award and said it had been a difficult choice as many eligible companies were considered. Members of the jury besides her were Þorsteinn Ingi Sigfússon, Director of Innovation Center Iceland and Ari Kristinn Jónsson, Rector of Reykjavik University.


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