When in Iceland, stay in shape!

Magazine When in Iceland, stay in shape!

Icelandic sightseeing is not only breathtaking in beauty but also passes for great exercise! Hiking, horseback riding, glacier walks, and hot baths are all good ways to spend a day getting to know the country and keeping fit, but if you still yearn for your daily workout on your travels, here are some pointers on where to go.


World Class

Multiple locations and the possibility to purchase day and week passes makes for a great combo for a visiting fitness-enthusiast! World Class offers gym facilities and instructed classes for example spinning and core training. The biggest World Class is located in Laugar and is close to the Laugardalslaug swimming pool. One day-pass is 2200 ISK.


Besides World Class there are also other traditional gym facilities such as Reebok Fitness and Hreyfing. You can almost find a gym on every corner in Reykjavík.




Crossfit Reykjavík & Crossfit Akureyri

No matter if you are heading north or south in Iceland, all your CrossFit needs can be fulfilled! You have training facilities in the biggest towns Reykjavík and Akureyri (and also in Eyjar, Hafnarfjördur, Sudurnes, Hengill and Austur). All these gyms take ”drop-ins”, so exercising tourists are more than welcome! Drop-in in Akureyri, for example, is 2000 ISK.

www.crossfitreykjavik.is & www.crossfitakureyri.is


Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool - Or any other swimming pool in Iceland

If you want to swim laps instead – or as well as – sit in a hot tub, the best place to get that distance covered is the Olympic-size (50m) pool in Laugardal, just in the outskirts of Reykjavík city center. Laugardalslaug is family friendly and great for just lingering in a hot tub or training for Ironman. The pool is open every day until 10 pm.




One thing Iceland is known for is its strong men and women and this gym is where they get even stronger. Jakaból is for hardcore trainers and is somewhat famous because it is owned by the four-time World’s Strongest Man competition winner Magnús Ver Magnússon. Jakaból is Icelandic for ”giants’ nest”. The gym specializes in very heavy weights and equipment but is also welcoming to beginners and aspiring World’s Strongest People.

Arnarbakka 4-6, 109 Reykjavík, tel. +354-663 0001



Mjölnir is located on Flugvallarvegur 3-3a, at Oskjuhlid Reykjavik. Mjölnir is a gym that has a professional MMA cage, boxing ring, six halls for classes, stretching area, weightlifting, endurance training area and locker rooms equipped with a sauna and hot and cold tubs. You can go and take a single class or pay for the week. So if you are interested in courses like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, boxing or classes named Viking strength, this is the gym for you, and if you are staying at our Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, it is just in the neighborhood.



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