Icelandair Hotels is a leading chain of quality hotels in Iceland. Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of historical sites, take part in outdoor activities or experience the cultural life of the south, north, east and west of Iceland, we always offer first-class facilities and excellent service. We also operate Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, the seasonal hotel chain Hotel Edda and Canopy Reykjavik|City Centre.

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Welcome to Icelandair Hotels, Iceland's premier hotel chain, and the trusted source for comfortable, affordable accommodations for visitors and locals alike since 1966. Choose from 8 hotels throughout Iceland, including two hotel locations in Reykjavik - each with its authentic-Icelandic character, drawing inspiration from the unique local settings of this beautiful island-nation.

We at Icelandair Hotels are keen to help make your dream holiday come true. Our eight hotels are the ideal gateway to the unique experience that is Iceland, whether in the buzzing city of Reykjavik or the magnificent countryside. Each of our eight hotels is perfectly situated, and all have something unique to offer. We strive to ensure that your accommodation in Iceland is of the highest quality and place great emphasis on superior service, comfortable surroundings, fresh, locally sourced food, and attention to detail that will make your visit unforgettable.
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The perfect weekend in Reykjavik

Look I am not going to feed you any bullshit here, if you are here for the mainstream Icelandic experience, you do not need to read much further. Just book a trip to the Blue Lagoon, a basic Golden Circle tour and maybe a sightseeing bus tour through Reykjavik and I guarantee you will love it. Not only will you love it, you will most certainly tell all your friends about it and you might even opt for coming back here for more.

However, if you are not like everybody else and you want a little more bang for your buck you have come to the right place. As I already mentioned there are the basic tours that everyone takes, however what most people do not know is you can do all those things with a twist. Which is pretty much what I want to feed you – How to get the most out of Iceland in 3 days. 

If you are coming over for the first time I highly recommend you flying over on for example Thursday afternoon/evening so you can fully take in all the beautiful scenery over a whole weekend. If you are coming over from London, chances are you will be arriving around either 3pm or late in the evening so that is the main reason for arriving on Thursday.

So, now you are finally here. What should you do? The possibilities seem endless, there are so many things to see and so many places to go. 

Don´t worry, we will take care of that. Since this is your first trip and you are only staying for three days, I would recommend that you base out of Reykjavik and do short trips from the capital, in fact Icelandair Hotels have a special Northern Lights offer where you get special discount on planned trips after you book your room.


Day 1.

The most popular activity by far has to be the Golden Circle tour. However, not everyone knows you can mix and match the Golden Circle tour with other must do activities, like northern lights sighting and a geothermal bath. One of my favorite tours is The Golden circle & Northern Lights tour.

As this tour does not depart until 13:00 I highly recommend you go relax after the flight at one of Icelandair Hotels spas, my favorite is the one over at Hilton as you get a complimentary massage in the hot tubs.

During this fantastic tour which happens in the afternoon and evening you get to see Thingvellir National park which is a national treasure. The national parliament of Iceland was established there in 930 and held its sessions there until 1798. The national park was founded in 1930, on the one thousandth anniversary of parliament. Later, in 2004 it became a World Heritage Site to protect the natural phenomena in the area. Next stop is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland, Gullfoss. The waterfall is an icon of Icelandic nature, its force and untouched nature is simply breathtaking. If you are lucky enough to be there on a sunny day you might notice the shimmering rainbow over the falls. From there our journey leads to The Great Geysir, or just Geysir for the minimalistic bunch. I know it is kind of hard to pronounce so here is a little soundbit to help you a long. I guess you all know this but I am going to tell you anyway, its hot and it blows water out of the earth... sounds exciting doesn´t it? Another less known fact is that the english word “geyser” derives from Geysir. All things set aside, this is a must see for everyone.

After all the sightseeing the group is headed to dinner, but the real treat or the dessert is when you head over to Fontana Geothermal Baths. Boy are you in for a treat, or girl. It is a magical experience where you get to disconnect and revitalise mind and body. The Fontana Geothermal baths were built over natural hot springs in 1929 and have been used for this purpose ever since. The facilities have three different steam rooms, a Finnish-style sauna, three outdoor mineral baths and two additional baths.Fontana


Before heading back to Reykjavik for a nightcap you will take part in a hunt for the Aurora Borealis. This is no task for the faint of heart as the shear beauty will take hold of your soul, even the most hardened veterans have been known to shed a tear.

I guarantee this is a day you will remember for the rest of your days, and you will tell tales of this day for everyone who wants to listen.


Day 2.

So here we are on day 2. Although you might think there is not much that can top yesterday you are in for a treat. After your pickup from the hotel, you will drive through Hvalfjörður towards Deildartunguhver which is the most powerful hot spring in Europe. You might have guessed it, it´s pretty hot as well. But you should be getting used to all the hot stuff around here, right?

LangjökullAfter having successfully escaped falling into the springs you take off to Hraunfossar and Barnafossar waterfalls, through the Húsafell woodlands. In Húsafell the car leaves the main road and takes on the highland trail to the countries second largest ice cap called Langjökull. Oh yeah, by the way, this is not your average bus tour. The vehicle of choice is a full blown superjeep, a specialty of the nations, car crazy lunatics. If that was not enough just wait until you enter the man made ice cave called “Into the Glacier”. The cave is a 600 meter ice tunnel and is a true once in a lifetime experience.Superjeep

On the way back to Reykjavik we will drive through Kaldidalur desert valley, which is Iceland´s highest mountain track. From there we will get to Þingvellir National park and soon after you will be back safe and sound, and in time for dinner at your hotel.

Since you have time to explore the restaurants tonight there are few restaurants I can recommend. First off is the new and amazing Geiri Smart, a very chic and sophisticated  themed restaurant which is a perfect first stop on a night on the town. The coctail menu is something else! If you are in the mood for a more quiet and formal restaurant the VOX restaurant on Hilton is known to serve a traditional nordic menu, but with a domestic focus. And if you just want to relax in a cosy environment I can also highly recommend Slippbarinn which is at the Marina hotel or Satt Restaurant inside Reykjavik Natura.


Day 3.

Although saying goodbye can be bittersweet you don´t have to sulk all day. If you want to make the most of your final day before heading over to the airport I would recommend heading over to Hallgrímskirkja. You will probably have noticed it by now since you can see it from pretty much everywhere, rumour has it that you can see it from the moon. Just jump inside the elevator, hit the top floor and take in the view. From there you can see almost the whole of the city. While we are on that note, the most breathtaking view you can possibly get is by helicopter. Who would not be interested in seeing the stunning aerial views of the city as well as the surrounding mountains and craters surrounding the capital area. If you are interested, as you should be then you can ask for information at the desk of your hotel.


If you have time you should think about going on a whalewatching trip as well. It takes from 2 up to 3,5 hours. This trip has everything you could ever want, beautiful whales, sea breeze and the occasional sun in your face as well as the free Wi-Fi...

what else could you possibly need for the perfect trip?