Icelandair Hotels is a leading chain of quality hotels in Iceland. Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of historical sites, take part in outdoor activities or experience the cultural life of the south, north, east and west of Iceland, we always offer first-class facilities and excellent service. We also operate Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, the seasonal hotel chain Hotel Edda and Canopy Reykjavik|City Centre.

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Welcome to Icelandair Hotels, Iceland's premier hotel chain, and the trusted source for comfortable, affordable accommodations for visitors and locals alike since 1966. Choose from 8 hotels throughout Iceland, including two hotel locations in Reykjavik - each with its authentic-Icelandic character, drawing inspiration from the unique local settings of this beautiful island-nation.

We at Icelandair Hotels are keen to help make your dream holiday come true. Our eight hotels are the ideal gateway to the unique experience that is Iceland, whether in the buzzing city of Reykjavik or the magnificent countryside. Each of our eight hotels is perfectly situated, and all have something unique to offer. We strive to ensure that your accommodation in Iceland is of the highest quality and place great emphasis on superior service, comfortable surroundings, fresh, locally sourced food, and attention to detail that will make your visit unforgettable.
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Mylla Restaurant - Menu

TASTING MENUSMylla Restaurant

For the undecided

TRIO / 6,900.-
Appetizer, main course & dessert. A safe choice.
With drink pairing 10,900.-

GOURMET / 10,500.-
A taste of the best. Perfect for that moment when you want everything.
Available with specially selected drinks with each course.
With drink pairing 20,000.-

The Trio & Gourmet are available vegetarian.



Share the experience with friends & drinks.
Ask our waiters for the perfect pairing

SALTED COD / 2,200.-
Saltfiskur or baccalà. A must in Iceland. Our salted cod is prepared by fishermen from Akureyri, premium quality fish
served in some of the finest restaurants abroad. Cod fritters, made with herb infused milk & Icelandic butter. Smooth, crunchy & light, served with an aromatic apple salad & allioli, over a rice-crisp.

MUSHROOMS / 2,100.-
Harvested by the locals during the season or straight from the greenhouse during off-season. A good mushroom only needs a pan, butter & herbs. Our mushrooms are served over a sourdough toast, with a light rocket salad that enhances the unforgettable forest umami.

Our “Reyktur Silungur” is traditional in Myvatn. Our trout comes from the Geitey farm, where they smoke the fish, as it has been done for centuries.
The trout has a salty & light smoke flavour. We honour the tradition by serving the trout on our homemade hot spring bread, cooked for over 24-hours in our pit oven in the wild. We finish the plate with a refreshing salad with fine herbs & skyr dressing.

GUACAMOLE / 2,000.-
Because everybody loves avocado. Fresh, with spices, our homemade guacamole has sundried tomatoes, red onions & touch of sriracha. It’s served with our yuca root chips. Light, crunchy, lightly salted.

PRAWNS / 2,200.-
Just pan fried prawns, salty with citric flavours & a fresh, creamy thai salad on a bao bun. Some root chips. simple as that.



Perfect introduction or light meal

An obsession of our chefs is to be constantly looking for the best. Made with pure lobster umami & lobster broth. Creamy with subtle lime essences
coupled with a bit of tradition & a little fusion. Served with seared bay scallops & prawns, drizzled with herb infused olive oil, seeds & herbs.

EGGPLANT / 2,800.-
Fried & glazed with Den miso & sesame. Served over refreshing mushy mint peas, sweet & spicy pumpkin, coconut creme & garden treats.

GOOSE / 2,900.-
Hunted by the locals & salt cured by our chefs in the traditional way … but with a twist. Slices of cured goose, mixed with green leaves, fresh fruits,
confit cherry tomatoes, homemade Kaldi beer pickled onions & a pistachio-raspberry vinaigrette.

BEETS / 2,800.-
The beet is the word. Pure, colorful, sweet, full of flavour. Harvested from the cold Icelandic fields, grown without the need of any pesticides.
Salt baked beet carpaccio, balsamic glazed beet & beet sashimi, combined with green leaves, micro herbs & our fine herbs & cucumber
panna cotta with a creamy Thai dressing.

SOUP / 2,000.-
Like life itself, it changes. Ask our waiters. From garden creams to Icelandic lamb soup. Check today’s.



Meats, fish & vegetables

LAMB / 5,200.-
Almost wild. Sous-Vide in citric essences, garlic & arctic thyme, finished in the pan. Served with white root purée, spiced red cabbage with blueberries & a lamb demiglace with a smoky touch of dashi. Touches of greens finishes this farm inspired dish.

ARCTIC CHAR / 4,200.-
Bleikja, the Icelandic trout. Deconstructed. Marinated in olive oil & herbs just to be pan-fried, followed by trout & a smooth trout mousse. Served with a silky pea sauce, potato mousse, skyr dressing & garden treats.

GOOSE / 5,400.-
Hunted by locals, we Sous-Vide the breasts with spices & roots for hours, very slowly & we finish them in the pan. Crispy on the outside and
tender & gamey on the inside. Served with garden vegetables, shades of corn & roasted onion and blood orange demiglace.

TOFU / 3,200.-
Marinated in mushroom broth, ginger & toasted hazelnuts. Pan seared & finished with seaweed skin, mushrooms & pumpkin.

FISH / 3,900.-
Fish of the day, always fresh. Ask our waiters what we have for today. Inspired by the aerial view of Myvatn lake, Hverfell & Hverir. We serve a pan
seared fish with herbs, lava rice, lobster sauce, allioli & greens.



Time for a treat

CHOCOLATE / 1,800.-
The chocolate cake is made with our special blend of flour, citrus flavours & spices, that allow us to make a incredibly tasty cake with less sugar than a
normal one. You wont believe it’s vegan, you wont believe it’s low sugar. We serve it with a Kahlua mousse, fresh berries & a madness display of chocolate in different textures.

SKYR / 1,800.-
We cannot think about Iceland without thinking of skyr. With that in mind, we prepare a silky skyr parfait, with rye crumble & coulis.

The national fruit. Our saga of blueberries goes from fresh, to a sorbet evolving into crisps & a sweet coulis.

LEMON 1,800.-
Lemon meringue tart, red fruits, vanilla custard, citric sorbet & gingerbread.

SWEET TOOTH / 2,200.-
A canvas of our desserts.


Flugleiðahótel ehf.

Icelandair Hotel Myvatn
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