Icelandair Hotels is a leading chain of quality hotels in Iceland. Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of historical sites, take part in outdoor activities or experience the cultural life of the south, north, east and west of Iceland, we always offer first-class facilities and excellent service. We also operate Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, the seasonal hotel chain Hotel Edda and Canopy Reykjavik|City Centre.

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Welcome to Icelandair Hotels, Iceland's premier hotel chain, and the trusted source for comfortable, affordable accommodations for visitors and locals alike since 1966. Choose from 8 hotels throughout Iceland, including two hotel locations in Reykjavik - each with its authentic-Icelandic character, drawing inspiration from the unique local settings of this beautiful island-nation.

We at Icelandair Hotels are keen to help make your dream holiday come true. Our eight hotels are the ideal gateway to the unique experience that is Iceland, whether in the buzzing city of Reykjavik or the magnificent countryside. Each of our eight hotels is perfectly situated, and all have something unique to offer. We strive to ensure that your accommodation in Iceland is of the highest quality and place great emphasis on superior service, comfortable surroundings, fresh, locally sourced food, and attention to detail that will make your visit unforgettable.
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Menu | Icelandair Hotel Herad

Local produce

Our kitchen

Our master chef is Guðjón Rúnar Þorgrímsson.
The pride of the house is reindeer steak.
Our dishes are made from local ingredients,
East-Icelandic delicacies, most of our products and raw ingredients come from local farmers.

Icelandair hótel Hérað is proud to be in cooperation with Icelandic Lamb.
Icelandic lamb meat is wonderfully lean, flavorful and tender. The distinctive taste is a result
of the grass and the aromatic and spicy herbs on which the lambs graze.

StartersIcelandair Hotel Herad

Langoustine soup
Creamy langoustine soup with butter fried langoustine tails

Shrimps and wasabi from Egilsstadir - perfect to share
Fried shrimps with garlic, local wasabi and chili

Reindeer Taste
Liver pâté, smoked heart, reindeer tataki, terrine, berry jam, bread and Icelandic cheese

Beets and goat cheese
Baked red and yellow beets with goat cheese and honey glazed hazelnuts

Smoked lamb
Smoked lamb on flatbread with pickled red onion and green pea cream


Icelandair Hotel Herad


Light courses


Traditional Icelandic meat soup
Icelandic lamb, root vegetables and barley from Vallanes organic farm

Chicken Tagine
Chicken marinated in spices from Moroccan with olives, lemon and steamed vegetables


Couscous, zucchini, mushrooms, root vegetables, chili, coriander and yogurtIcelandair Hotel Herad2.850,-

Fish and chips - Perfect to share
Deep fried fish with salad, chips and local wasabi mayonnaise

Chicken Hot Wings - Perfect to share
Chicken hot wings with blue cheese sauce1.650,-


Main courses


ReindeerIcelandair Hotel Herad
Reindeer steak with fried baby potatoes, carrot, mushroom, beets and reindeer sauce

Lamb and couscous
Fillet of lamb with Moroccan couscous, feta cheese from Egilsstaðir, salad and lamb juice

Catch of the day
Today's best catch. Ask the waiter

Salmon and wasabi from Egilsstaðir
Pan fried salmon teriyaki with local wasabi, barley from Vallanes and stir fry vegetables

Two course menu
Please consult your waiter



Créme brûlée trio 
Three flavours of Crème Brûlée with fruit sorbet

Ice cream and fresh fruits
Three types of ice cream, meringue and fresh fruits

Chocolate mousse
Baileys chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse with brownie bites and berries

Skyr from Egilsstaðir
Skyr cake a-la Icelandair hótel Hérað with ice cream and fruits

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Icelandair Hotel Herad
Midvangur 1-7
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