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Reykjavík International Games

January 24-26

Reykjavík International Games is a multi sport event that will take place from January 24th to 26th 2020. The competition will mostly take place in Laugardalur, the Valley of Sport. Many of the best athletes in Iceland compete among world class elite athletes from all over the world. . Elegant celebration is held on both competition weekends. This year we have a very exciting OFF VENUE program where for the first time everyone can participate in the events. We recommend you study the program so you won´t miss your moment to shine. 

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More Events in January

January 6

The Thirteenth

The thirteenth, and last, day of Christmas. Festivities are held all over the country, with elf themed bonfires and fireworks.
January 24 - February 20


During the month of þorri, þorri buffets are quite popular in Iceland where many restaurants in Reykjavík and elsewhere serve þorramatur.
January 25 - February 1

Dark Music days

Dark Music Days is a festival of contemporary and new music which takes place during the darkest period of the Icelandic winter.